5th Pinocchio Sugli Sci di Fondo Trophy
February 1st - 2nd, 2020


Ski Club Olimpic Lama and Centro Fondo Lama Mocogno (Modena) organize the 5th Pinocchio Sugli Sci di Fondo Trophy (Cross Country Skiing Trophy) in collaboration with CAE, FISI, CONI Emilia Romagna and with the patronage of Fondazione Nazionale Carlo Collodi and Municipality of Lama Mocogno. The competition is open to the categories Baby Sprint, Baby, Cuccioli, Ragazzi e Allievi and provides the opportunity to enroll athletes of foreign federations.

Not only a great sporting event but also an opportunity for exchange and encounter with many entertainment and recreational activities, the participation of international testimonial and the promotion of local wonders, of which Ferrari is an illustrious example.


Registrations of foreign athletes is responsibility of their own federation. Written entries (english version downloadable here) must reach the Organizing Committee within Friday January 27, 2020 via e-mail. Please send entry forms to info@pinocchioscifondo.com.

By signing the entry form the federation certifies that the athlete is in possession of a valid FIS Card or a medical certificate issued by a sports medicine center.

Entry fee: 14 € for each participant (10 € for entry fee and 4 € for 2 waxig services). The payment must be made during the bibs distribution. After the race the restitution of bibs is not required.


Pinocchio Sugli Sci di Fondo Trophy takes place in our Sports Centre (Centro Fondo Piana Amorotti) in Lama Mocogno, in the Province of Modena. To get to the slopes where the Trophy takes place reach Piazza Dante Alighieri, Località Piane di Mocogno.

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